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The point of this website is to help you gather more knowledge on your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. Whether you are doing a full renovation or just putting in new fixtures you can find all you need at BathroomUS. As you browse our website you will see excerpts from different contractors and how they were able to renovate bathrooms, from small and quaint to large and extravagant. You will see that even a small change can make a big difference. All the experts featured on this site have years of experience in the bathroom remodeling.

You will find the latest information on variety of bathroom fixtures. Whether its sinks or faucets all you need to learn about them is available here. You will learn about the different types that are available and the various manufacturers that carry them. You will see the latest innovations that are coming out to the bathroom remodeling field.

Please enjoy browsing through our website and learning more about bathroom remodeling.

Real Bathroom Remodeling Projects

If you are doing bathroom remodeling and need some ideas take a look on some remodeling projects done by our experts. Do not worry, sometimes you do not need to spend a fortune to make your bathroom looks good, sometimes small changes can make a difference! Take a look and maybe you will find some ideas for your bathroom remodeling project.

Real Project - A Splendid Evening Colorful and Bright New Powder Room
Bathroom Remodeling Project - A Splendid Evening Bathroom Remodeling Project - Colorful and Bright New Powder Room
Bathroom Remodeling Progect - A Step Up Bathroom Remodeling Project - Little Touches Can Go a Long Way
Bathroom Remodeling Progect - A Step Up Bathroom Remodeling Project - Little Touches Can Go a Long Way

Leading Manufacturer of Bathroom Products

Blomus Bathroom Accessories Amba Towel Warmers

Kraus Official LogoKRAUS is an innovating new company they have been in production since 2004. The designs that you will find from this brand are ultra modern and simple. They are truly elegant. In addition to style the products that they put are durable and long lasting. They produce sinks, faucets, vanities and accessories.

Kraus Bathroom Products:

Leading Remodeling Expert

Dmitriy Guzheyedov - Leading Remodeling ExpertDmitriy Guzheyedov has been in the remodeling business for almost two decades. He has worked on major projects all over the US including Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Alabama. He has worked on both residential and commercial remodels. As you browse the site you will see many projects that were done by him. All his projects were customized specifically to the clients needs, all clients' needs are different and as you examine the project you will gather new inspiration for your own remodel projects.

Top 10 Bathroom Products

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115 Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115

Think outside of the box to get inside of the box. We decided to do a bathroom remodel using unique shapes and step outside of our traditional comfort zones. We considered triangles, ovals, squares, circles, leaves, and even a tear drop shaped bathroom vessel sink. While they all provided a unique twist and an interesting focal point to the bathroom space that was to be remodeled, one of our absolute favorites was this Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink.... [More About This Product]

Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink

There is almost no better way to bring luxury into your bathroom than to remodel the space utilizing the latest technology paired with traditional luxurious materials like natural stone. This over the top material gives you instant luxury and suggests wealth, and classic high end design. When you bring this fabulous element into your space you’ll find that the only thing missing is a steamy bubble bath, a fluffy white robe, and a pair of comfy,... [More About This Product]

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink

Many of our readers asked us to discuss remodeling a space with a stone sink. Kraus has consistently raised the bar in the kitchen and bath design industry. While we considered several of their stone sink designs, one of favorites had to be the Green Onyx Round Stone Sink. Green Onyx is a remarkable natural stone material that is unique in design to other natural rock formations. Green Onyx stone gives its viewers a tapestry of honey and cream colored... [More About This Product]

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10

Over the years we have seen the kitchen and bath industry take a spin on traditionally shaped features, and introduce some “unexpected” designs that play on other unexpected shape designs. For example, Kraus did this same thing when designing their Triangular Ceramic Sink. If you are considering a remodel to your bathroom space you will love working with the Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink. This creative vessel sink, which is constructed using high... [More About This Product]

Kraus Galaxy Fire Blue Glass Vessel Sink Kraus Galaxy Fire Blue Glass Vessel Sink

We have had several requests from our readers to include some words about bringing color into your remodeled spaces successfully. Color is (can be) a very powerful tool in creating a statement in a room. Unfortunately many homeowners don’t understand how to use color properly in their bathroom remodels. Color can either make or break a room. There is an abundance of colorful artistic pieces that you can introduce into your bathroom space, like the... [More About This Product]

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