> 8 tips to remodel a bathroom

8 tips to remodel a bathroom

8 tips to remodel a bathroom

Tips to renovate the bathroom

Everyone will want to have a healthy and beautiful comfortable because the bathroom is one of the most important parts of the House.

How could one day use the bathroom for the hygiene and health of the body? Because of frequent use, the quality of the bathroom was reduced from year to year and in need of renovation.

Bathroom renovation costs vary, depending on how you want to change it.

Things to consider when remodeling a bathroom

Not necessarily have to be extensive, though small, the bathroom can be used, we
things to note before you remodel the bathroom.

1. Select a tile wall
Specify options for wall tiles and bathroom a good size and color quality. If you choose the wrong may be anxious,

Benefits of the ceramic wall to avoid moldy and easier to clean, in addition to ceramic walls and embellish fancy designs can make your bathroom.

Ceramic wall tiles-coated material and does not choose to absorb water so that it is not easy to grow mushrooms. to keep the color not too dark or light.

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2. Choose ceramic flooring
Error in selecting tiles for your bathroom can make the bath become slippery and dangerous for you and your family.

For this type of ceramic material of the bathroom should be a primary concern when to want to renovate the bathroom, choose the type of ceramic that is not slippery, you can choose porcelain or ceramic stone.

3. The placement of the sink
You can perform activities such as washing hands, brushing teeth or wash your face, you will become more comfortable and practical with an existing sink in the bathroom.

With a mirror in front of the sink will also help and make it easier on your body while cleaning.

4. Set the cabinets
If you can add a closet for sitting or squatting, depending on your comfort when wearing it,

To choose a more minimalist design is elegant and charming but does not reduce and disrupt activity at bed bath.

5. Shower and glass insulation
In bed with shower bath will add to your comfort while cleansing the body, of course, the water used more sparingly and more practical.

In addition, to avoid splashing water so as not to wet the entire floor and walls, we recommend adding insulation to the glass around the bathroom. So the bathroom is not moist and dirty looks that will, of course, interfere with your comfort at the time of the bath.

6. Place the SOAP and towel rack shelf
Towel SOAP dam placement that is right and true will definitely add neatness to the bathroom.

Because if there is no tissue holder, towel rack, as well as SOAP, the bathroom will look messy and certainly bad to look at.

7. Disposal the correct water
In order for the bath is clean then you must give the correct water disposal, so that water can flow properly. -If you make the water channel or in the bathroom can cause wet floors and shabby looks difficult because water flows.

8. Light in the bathroom
Adjust the lamp with the interior color of your bathroom. Often used is a bright yellow color.

Then with the light intensity used should not be too bright or dark as this can damage the artistic elements.

For security, then the placement of the lights in the bathroom to see, can not be placed somewhere easy to wet, setting the electricity must be done well to avoid the possibility of shorting or even hit power lines.

Each floor in the wet areas should be "setbacks". The floor should be done slowly down the hill towards the exhaust so that water does not settle down on the floor for too long.

The magnitude of the size of the tiles on the floor makes a decrease in water more difficult especially in small bathrooms.
8 tips to remodel a bathroom
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