> Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom DIG 100s

Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom DIG 100s

These Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom DIG 100s are Easy and Convenient. Truth be told, not everyone is blessed with enough space in their house to be dedicated to a guest bathroom. 

But if you do have a guest bathroom in your house, you need to do something about it, aesthetically speaking. 

Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom tends to be just another bathroom anyone in the house can use at any given time. 

However, the moment a guest comes to stay for the night, that space is dedicated to them. 

Can you imagine if that guest comes into the bathroom only to find it messy and filled with items that should not be there in the first place? 

Things could be even much worse when the guest bathroom in question is of small size. 

One thing to keep in mind is that a homeowner would otherwise treat a guest bathroom as another storage space to keep things that the main bathroom cannot fit within. 

When the guest bathroom is small, clutter manifests and by the time your guest
arrives, you don’t get enough chance to tidy everything up. 

Decorating Ideas For Small Guest
Bathroom, therefore, would be something that you need to handle things.

Before you move on to applying some Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom, let’s get one
thing right first. 

No matter how fantastic, cutting-edge, and out-of-the-box decorating ideas are, your guest bathroom small or large needs to be clean all the time. 

There is no reason that allows you to forgo this. 

Remember, your guest would be alone in there. You better hope they come in with a cell phone to keep them preoccupied but if they don’t, they would instead be staring at the floor, windows, walls, or that corner behind the door. 

Try to place yourself in their shoes; would you like it to stare at accumulated grime under the bathroom mirror?

With that out of the way, here are some Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom you can try to


1. Paint the ceiling
With limited space, you need to trick your guest’s eyes by redirecting them upward. 

While at that, you can also do more than using plain, solid color. Play with motifs and accentuate the ceiling with the eye-catching lighting fixture.

2. Antiques
Charm your guest with vintage furnishings. For example, get a pedestal sink and install a wooden, patina-filled cabinet over.

3. Mirror
A vanity set complete with a mirror is a must. But you can take things up a notch by installing mirrored walls to induce an illusion of space in the room.

4. Go monochrome
Restrain yourself from applying too bright of the color palette in the guest bathroom. 

Your guest would be overwhelmed when going into a tight bathroom adorned in bright, flashy color combo.

5. Color pop
As going monochrome is highly suggested, it does not mean you are not allowed to add some color to the bathroom. 

However, this should be limited for the purpose of accentuating the scheme. 

Provide contrasting streak of hue among the palette to break pattern a little bit.

 Decorating Ideas For Small Guest Bathroom DIG 100s