> Apartment Size Bathroom Ideas

Apartment Size Bathroom Ideas

Everyone wants to own a home that is safe, comfortable and beautiful. 

Included in choosing the bathroom in Your home or apartment.

The bathroom is the most important part of the House.

But many people find difficulty in choosing the size of the bathrooms in the apartment mainly to small size.

Unlike the people who own large apartments would not be a problem in making the bathroom are comfortable and attractive.

Apartment Size Bathroom Ideas

Here are some ways to vote or the idea of the size of the bathroom of the apartment.

1. Make a bath the size of 1x1 meters.
With a size of 1 meter is certainly a very small bathroom but when You can set it up correctly then it will look wider.

  • Use light colors in the decor of the bathroom.
  • Do not use the furniture in the bathroom the size of 1 m.
  • Install the glass mirror that has a large size.
  • Do not use the bathtub.
  • For the manufacture of hangers, towels in place behind the bathroom door.

2. Make a full-size bath with 2 x 1 meters.
For those of you who want to try to make a bath with 2 x 1 meters is certainly greater than the size of 1 m.

To make your bathroom more comfortable and of course look more spacious, you can apply the tips below.

  • Same as 1 size using bright colors for the wall color or decoration. 
  • If you love the closet can add but through cable and pasted up on the walls, so it does not reduce your comfort. 
  • Use bright lights and lighting if you need to create a window so that the light from outside can enter the room.
  • The size of the bathroom 1 x 2 meters you can also add a small bathtub if you like.

 3. Create a bathroom idea size 2 x 2 meter
If you have a full-size apartment with bathroom 2 x 2 meters is clearly larger than the size of the previous one. With a larger size, you can be more creative with various furniture in the bathroom.

Here are tips for the bathroom with a spacious 2 x 2 meters.

  • For wall decoration or color can combine a little in between the bright colors with other colors. 
  • To be able to use the bath size medium.
  • You can also add some furniture on the floor or can be combined with sticky furniture in the bathroom walls. 
  • Add the sink which is of medium size to make it more interesting could be merged with the little closet.
  • For glass, the mirror can choose to taste like to size small, medium or large.
  • Bright lights for lighting or Dim, like the size of the bathroom, is enough wide to your apartment.

4. Make a full-size bath with 2 x 3 meter
For the size of the bathroom of course already broadly designed and you can with a wide range of models more unique. And could add significant supplies.

Here are tips for a spacious bathroom 2 x 3 m.

  • The color of the decor could use light colors or dark suit with imagination and your taste buds.
  • You can add a large bathtub.
  •  If necessary can also add urinal.
  • Because of its size and broad enough to maintain the cleanliness could add insulation glass or curtains.
  • To the sink can use large size.

That's the idea of size 4 bathroom apartment, you can try the bathroom so you can feel comfortable although small
Apartment Size Bathroom Ideas