> Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Over The Toilet

Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Over The Toilet

Do you want to make use of space above the toilet

The bathrooms never seem to have enough storage space, especially for those of you who live in a small house or apartment.

Along with all the toiletries, towels, bathroom tissue, and much more other equipment, often there is also the small cabinet under the sink just don't hold it all!

 Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Over The Toilet

7 the idea of utilizing the space above the toilet
  1.  Place the wooden shelves are on the top or counter is another simple and fast way to put the toilet area of storage.
  2. Although anchored to the back wall and ceiling overhead, seemingly floating shelves, which provides the look freestyle can be installed with the decor and bathroom each.
  3.  Place basket in addition to the toilet seat Cloth container out of home, Department or discount shops make a excellent thing to store the containers, and they may be easily wrapped or is directly linked to the existence of pub towels or towel bar for fast and effortless access to medical requirements, towels, tub and what else will want to have a shower or tub.
  4. clean white shelf with inset lighting brings light and concentrated peak bathroom storage and enough storage space on each shelf. The hotel provides a high thickness, brevityand conciseness of brevity building placement place natural tub accessories and other staples to use the bathroom.
  5. position the shelf with hanging baskets and organizes cables and laced basket wrapped above to generate a space toilet for quick and easy access to the hand towel and washcloth, and small hanging plates are sewn above the basket can hold decanters in body washes, shampoos and sprays can be obtained before bathing or showering. This could be a cheap method for quickly constructing storage space with some everyday products.
  6. expression of the old wooden terrace that can bring the personality of a rustic bathroom storageIn addition to having a natural impression, of course, is also useful for storing goods in the space of your bathroom.
  7. place the small rich cabinets only Pass the bathroom open shelves can add not only color and thickness of the shelves bathroom, but it also allows for different aspects of the decorative wall spaceThere is not only room for showering the principle, however, the rack can be used to show off a variety of statues, collectibles, flowers, plants or tub decanters.
Please take advantage of the space above your bathroom and room, so that the menu remains beautiful and interesting.

Ideas that other more sensational so that you are more satisfied.
  Bathroom Decorating Ideas For Over The Toilet