> Decorating ideas bathroom very small DIB 18Y

Decorating ideas bathroom very small DIB 18Y

Many people do these ideas for decorating a bathroom very small  DIB 18Y

Whether you have a small bathroom that naturally becomes less tasty and comfortable when used.

What if we have a very small size? Obviously feels uncomfortable.

The more expensive land price will always affect House prices are high. In addition, the stock of land to house the less.

Have a small House will certainly have an effect on the size of your bathroom.

Decorating ideas bathroom very small

Do you have a bathroom that has a very small size and like to decorate so that it is more beautiful and comfortable?

Of course you will feel dizzy if you have a very small sized bathroom, but need not be confused decoration so still look more spacious and of course, keep it tasteful and comfortable when used.

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5 Tips on creating a very narrow bathroom, more beautiful.

1. Determine the wall color

The color of the very influential towards psychology. Select a color on the very narrow bathroom to be precise. 

If wrong in choosing the color, of course, will affect beauty.

Choose a bright color so that the room looks wider, like white, yellow or pink.

For walls using materials that water cannot seep into the walls. 

If the water that seeped into the walls will definitely easy to grow a fungus or lichen.

To maximize the use of bright colors, use the maximum lighting. So that your bathroom will be felt more broadly.

To maintain security when used and reduce the potential dangers such as a fall or slip, while selecting tile bathroom floors to be precise.

Bathroom tiles using a rough surface so that it is not slippery.

2. Determine the height

Very small room decorating one of the important things is to make the maximum height of the room.

If the bathroom has a maximum height to make the room appear larger and can be used to add other assessors.

For example, placing the shelf bathroom needs.

3. Create a sliding door

One way or trick that you can use for decorating the bathroom is very small which makes sliding doors.

Why with sliding doors??

With the sliding door would not be much point in place on when opening the door.

Even if we wear a hinged door at the time of opening the door could spend the place up to 20 percent.

4. A minimalist glass mirror with a sink

With the sink is definitely easier on when washing your hands or face.

To save place and thus has a unique value, bed bath sink.

Color May flavors or white color.

To add to the value of the uniqueness of the decoration, put a large mirror affixed to the walls of his position the sink.

So at the time of washing hands or faces, we directly face with the mirror.

5. Toilet seat small

In order not to wear a lot of places you can use the small toilet.

If you use the toilet for a narrow bathroom, of course, is not a good thing because it will reduce your comfort.

Use small toilet functions the same as the big toilet.

It is the 5 tips to make the very small bathroom more interesting but still tasty and comfortable when used.

Good luck and best wishes for a happy and he could always.
Decorating ideas bathroom very small DIB 18Y