> Rustic Cottage bathroom ideas

Rustic Cottage bathroom ideas

An awful lot of style bathroom you can select, to produce a concept bathroom that is quiet and comfortable.

Rustic Cottage bathroom ideas you can try and feel happy.

The bathroom is one of the places of relaxation, which can give the effect of freshness on the body. 

In addition to clearing the mind can also reduce stress the body after a day of work.

Rustic Cottage Bathroom Ideas is one of the right choices and can get you into a deeply relaxed and happy atmosphere. 

A quiet rural atmosphere can be applied to the inside of the shower.

Rustic Cottage bathroom ideas

How to design a rustic bathroom?

Rustic bathroom design of generally uses Classic and ethnic.

1. The materials used

This type of bathroom to use a material with natural materials such as wood, natural stones, ceramic, and copper, in harmony with the surrounding environment.

This type of bathroom style prioritizes the natural values and was impressed.

But it has the feel of a high art.

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2. The colors become characteristic

Rustic bathroom more inclined to neutral colors with natural features without much extra color overload.

Some colors are best suited for bathrooms this is a white, beige, Brown wood, gray from natural stone, wood fiber.

In addition to the Green liquid is also the right choice, you can try.

Select finishing that can create a unique character and atmosphere of the countryside.

Choose rustic bathroom floor with tile, stone, and wood are the best.

The walls could use a rock arrangement of neutral colors.

Add a wooden plank as an accent, to add textures and natural and unique impression.

With the rough surface, will add more character to the warm rustic interior.

Plapon bathroom can wear wooden boards, or with wooden beams will give the impression of more natural.

To add to the atmosphere of more light in the bathroom, you can create a window.

With the window of course light a lot coming into the room.

3. Bathroom Furniture

Less complete if the bathroom without furniture. 

You can choose a rustic furniture, vintage style such as tables cabinets made of wood with simple pieces.

Classic style bathtub with legs or pedestal stone would be an asset.

The sink is made of wood and stone will also give the impression of natural countryside. so also in choosing faucets used, choose faucets with the brass vintage-style material.

4. Bathroom accessories

A small touch that will give you a deeper impression of the design of your room.

You can add a wooden frame for mirrors, shelves made of wood and embroidery towels, wood, stone bench with the original form will give you a quiet rural atmosphere.

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5. Adding plants

The rustic feel of the bathroom will be more felt as if you add a few plants in the bathroom.

In addition, the plant indoors will give freshness.

To have a rustic bathroom that makes you happy.

You can consult an interior designer with a trusted and find plenty of inspiration at its best.

Create Your creative idea to acquire a variety of interesting things with a rustic bathroom interior.
Rustic Cottage bathroom ideas