Rustic Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

If you use Rustic Outdoor Bathroom Ideas, there is definitely a different sensation with indoor bathrooms.

Because of such differences, then the outdoor bathroom.

In addition to functioning as a place to get cleaned up, this time the bathroom into a place of relaxation and taking care of yourself.

Now many ideas make design an impressive mand, which typically only surrounded by walls.

Rustic bathroom design as one of the idea, to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and fun.

Bathroom concept countryside outdoors surrounded by natural stone, and combined with the Brown wood, making the bathroom look traditional.

Add a natural stone bathroom floor, making Your bathroom atmosphere grow cold.

Rustic Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

Create a rustic outdoor bathroom.

Basically designed a rustic outdoor shower is almost the same with indoor bathrooms.

Just in making it outdoors. If the bathroom is generally in a room, then you can feel new sensations, making the outdoor bathroom with the concept of the countryside.

There are a few things to note if you create a rustic outdoor shower.

1. Maintain the privacy and security issues

Because the bathroom outside of the room, then you should be able to maintain the security and privacy of You at the time of cleansing the body.

Thus you can create a high wall so that no one can see you.

2.Make a wall

Make a wall using natural stones, so it seems the natural countryside.

To create the impression the countryside, could add wood furniture and has a natural color.

You can use the composition of natural color or with a natural motif on the setup of the room.

For example, using the color of green leaves or brownish.

For the materials used, you can choose a material that has a rough texture on the surface and could give the impression that is strong and feels wonderful countryside.

For example with a brick, natural stone, bamboo, wood, and more.

3.Make a roof

Because it has an open concept, when it rains, it will be a problem for you.

To overcome if it's raining, you can make the distance from the bathroom to the open area at least 1 m.

You can also create an alternative using the roof made of glass or other material. So your bathroom remains open, but you'll be protected from the rain.

With a roof, of course, you can still enjoy the sunshine if during the day and enjoy the beauty of the Moon and the stars at night.

Although it has a beautiful and unique look, there are a few things to be aware of when using the bathroom has an open concept.

Because open make dirt can get into the bathroom.

Then the cleanliness of the bathroom must be maintained regularly, ranging from furniture, floors, to the shelter of the water.

Keep clean leaves, dust, Moss, and also so that your bathroom looks beautiful.

Rustic outdoor shower concept isn't new.

With style and architecture that You can design the right one to suit your taste.

Presenting with open bathroom rustic shades will make the atmosphere more different in your home.

As an easy way to make a bath outside the room with a pleasant countryside concept.
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