> The concept of designer Bathroom Designs Double Pedestal Sinks

The concept of designer Bathroom Designs Double Pedestal Sinks

The SINK is a place to get cleaned up (wash your hands, wash your face, brush your teeth, shave), placement of his stick on the wall (outside or inside the shower), equipped with a tap.

The concept of designer bathroom Double Pedestal Sink, is one of the concepts add to the beauty of the room if the correct style and really will look attractive.

You can place the white sink in the parallel position. And in the middle position the Cabinet spots.  

In the sink every install glass rectangle.

In addition to functioning as a storage area, the Cabinet will also give a different impression.

The concept of designer Bathroom Designs Double Pedestal Sinks

The modern era has many technological innovations including a sink with a function or form, ranging from the box, round, half circle up to a combination of all forms.

Not only the form, but we can also choose the sink design based on materials, such as marble, ceramic, steel and glass.

The sink is the most widely used are made of ceramic. Ceramic sink because the price is relatively cheap compared with other materials, while ceramic material easily in the process according to the wishes of our sink.

You can also put the sink in the Cabinet package as an example in the picture.

Each glass, give the lamp according to the style of your choice, with a bright light in front of the glass then it will make it easier to clean your face at that moment.

Place a small towel

Not complete if there are no small towels, of course, if you use the sink needs to wipe with a towel.

Towel rack can be made round or oval.

For it can be placed anywhere the sink one place.

Sink towel which they left to let in the right position and the sink right next to let them place a towel on the left.

Color selection of the sink

Color is part of the beauty of the room which cannot be abandoned. 

But also the choice of colors and can be customized with decorations.

You can define a selection of colors to suit your personal taste and character.

In the picture above with the use of white color that looks clean and bright.

Sink care

You need to maintain proper hygiene and health especially in the area of the bathroom sink. 

We know that white color is easily visible dirty. then do routine maintenance so that your sink is always clean and not as a place of bacteria.

At the time of cleaning up the sink or bathroom space use antibacterial cleaners.

Using 2 sets of bins in the area of the sink. The trash bin is located on the left side and one in the trash can on the right.

The concept of the bathroom with 2 sinks that can from the process of with a variety of styles. But before pairing, analyzed the spacious bathrooms making it easier to regulate it.

Because the bathroom with 2 sinks on legs needs a room that is quite extensive.

Placement of toiletries

To maintain neatness in your bathroom and make it easier to use the paraphernalia associated with the sink, you can create a special place under the glass.

Like facial cleanser cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving of hair and much more.

Of course, very much a design bathroom with 2 sinks, that you can apply what you.

Whatever choice you make sure the concept make what will be selected and proper planning.
The concept of designer Bathroom Designs Double Pedestal Sinks