Exotic Bathroom Designs In Stone

Exotic Bathroom Designs In Stone

Exotic Bathroom Designs In Stone

Do you want to have the look of exotic bathroom designs in stone, will make it more memorable, unique and creative.

If your home uses a minimalist design, will surely be memorable as well as super exotic because it will have a natural stone.

This idea is perfect and nice to make bathroom space dreams all the time.

Bathroom not just as a place to clean themselves, but also as the actualization of our lives.

When you want to find business ideas, relaxation or just sing songs to get rid of the tired, sure the bathroom is the place to express them.

Bathroom Designs In Stone

Minimalist concept bathroom the feel of natural stone is a suitable place.
Certainly, it would be very interesting to design your bathroom.

The advantages of bathroom design.

  1. Color does not easily wear off.
  2. It is not slippery. 
  3. Not easily eroded by the bathroom cleanser.
  4.  Have a natural impression.
  5. Have a rough surface, but it's safe and comfortable.
  6. Has its own uniqueness.
  7. If there are cracks a little will not be visible.
Tips on choosing bathroom design natural stone tiles

About the shape and size of the natural stone can customize the shape and size of your bathroom.

The spacious room you see thoroughly.

To an extent, so do not be too big or too small so you can make the concept bathroom with natural stone.

Note the color of the natural stone.

To generate the impression of natural, try to wear the colors of natural stone.

Thus the natural characteristics will not be lost.

For the wall color and ceiling space, you can use the color white.

The white color is perfect for combined with the rock has a grey color.

White spaces you, it can also give the impression of more spacious, bright and clean.

Select the best type of stone

Before starting work on the design of your bathroom, try to select a good quality stone.

Select the surface of the stone has a smooth surface or pattern.

So very safe especially if you have small children at home.

Exotic Bathroom Designs In Stone

Then you can also add plants in bath stone.

The existence of the plant then creates more fresh and cold in your bathroom.

There are also other alternatives that you can try to apply it in the bathroom, using the natural batik patterned wallpaper.

Natural Stone motif Wallpaper, it will also give the impression of a Natural but it will taste different if using the original stones.

Maximize lack bathroom stone

All interior design certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.

So is the bathroom with natural stone, also has its disadvantages.

Lack the use of bath stone.

  1. Stone is easy to absorb water.
  2. The prices are more expensive than ceramic.
  3. Fiber and natural stone texture cannot be the same.
  4. More weight than other materials.
  5. The installation is more difficult.
With the existing deficiencies in the design of the natural stone bathroom, we can make it more interesting.

If these natural stones absorb water, then you can lightly coat with a special coating.

With this special coating, will certainly reduce the water that seeped into the stone wall.

For the price of costly stones, you can try to buy natural stones directly on the manufacturer.

To buy directly clear is cheaper.

For the installation process of the stone on the wall or the floor, we recommend that you choose the interior service tested his ability.

Please try, it may be useful and you can create Your dream bathroom.
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