woman with money saved on remodelingThe biggest problem with budgets is that we look at them as guide lines. How often do you hear that someone “went over there budget?” So much for budget then. Create your budget and treat it as such and you will be that much more appreciative and proud of your end result. With that said sometimes it is necessary to go over your budget, but be mindful if you do, and only do so when it’s necessary. Creating a budget can assist you in determining what fixtures you will bring into the space. Also the finishes you choose can be reflective of your budget.

The cost of remodeling a bathroom can depend on an array of options and choices. Think of it as a maze. There are several places to end up; each one is determined by the roads and paths that you choose to take. The average bathroom remodel is usually around $10,000. If you choose to use vinyl flooring, standard plumbing fixtures, manufactured, standard size counters, and basic light fixtures your overall bathroom renovation can be less than half of the standard. As equally true, if you chose travertine flooring, marble countertops, a High end, name brand tub, and multi jetted showers, your price tag will be well over the national average.

This is where your drawing comes in very handy. Use your floor plan to determine square footage for flooring. Consider using vinyl flooring first. Price ceramic tiles as well. If you have expensive taste, try high end flooring like travertine tiles or wood flooring. You can use your elevation drawings for wall coverings. Determine the square footage of the shower/bath walls. Check tile prices as well as manufactured plastic waterproof walls.

You should also consider money saving options like bathtub fiberglass kits. These can include the tub, wall, and sometimes sliding door as well. This can look wonderful and give a nice updated look, but be much easier on the wallet than a high end, name brand bathtub. You can often purchase standard size vanity counters, with standard countertops for much less than having a custom built counter and granite countertop installed. While light fixtures can be found at showrooms that would add wonderful elegance to your space, you can often take a quick picture with your camera phone, hop online, and search for similar fixtures on the internet at a greater discounted price.

Sinks can often be purchased as a set to include the faucet which allows you significant savings over purchasing the items separately. You can also find vanity cabinets, sinks, faucets, accessories, mirrors, and storage cabinets/shelving as a set which can save you even more, and not sacrifice on style and functionality.

When remodeling your bathroom, you should always keep one thing in the forefront of your thoughts, ideas, plans, and budget. Safety is always number one. If you plan to shave off some dollar signs from the budget, never compromise your electrical, plumbing, and/or gas if you have it. Safety should always be you first concern in your bathroom, and any space.

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