woman with money saved on remodelingThe biggest problem with budgets is that we look at them as guide lines. How often do you hear that someone “went over there budget?” So much for budget then. Create your budget and treat it as such and you will be that much more appreciative and proud of your end result. With that said sometimes it is necessary to go over your budget, but be mindful if you do, and only do so when it’s necessary. Creating a budget can assist you in determining what fixtures you will bring into the space. Also the finishes you choose can be reflective of your budget. Read more

When to Hire Help

proffessional ContractorsYou should hire help, basically when you want or need to. You may choose to hire a contractor from the get go, and have them execute the entire plan. If you want to do most of the work, or all of the work yourself, you may still need professional help at certain points in the process. There are a few constructional phases that unless you have the time to dedicate to extensive research, you should consult a contractor or specialist. If you are not well versed in these areas, hiring a professional may be the most cost effective option in the long run. You don’t want to attempt these major projects in the bathroom remodel and cause a more expensive mistake that may have to be professionally corrected. Read more

Assessing the Space

Bathroom DrawingTo remodel your bathroom space, either on your own, or with contractors, you need to fully understand it and have the ability to work with it on a smaller scale. You can simply say what you want and have it be so. Start by sketching it out roughly on a piece of paper. Include everything in this sketch. Start with the body of the room from a birds eye view… a floor plan. Read more

Wants versus Needs and Your Remodeling Project

Expensive Bathroom VanitySo we all WANT a five star, hotel quality, high end, luxury bathroom spa. But we certainly don’t all NEED so much. Wants and needs must be addressed and not over looked. You must be fair to yourself and to your bank account and consider every “want” and every “need” to determine what “wants” make he cut, because most of us don’t have the budget to let every “want” on the list. Another very easy thing to cave into is confusing the wants with the needs. Be honest with yourself and determine if it is truly a need or simply something that you want, but have convinced yourself you need it. Read more

Can I Do The Work Myself?

remodeling toolsOK. This is an incredibly loaded question. Can you do the work yourself? Of course! Anyone who wants to do all of the work absolutely can, and also have the benefit of stepping back and admiring not only a finished, beautiful, space, but a space that they themselves transformed. But there is certainly more to it than that. Read more

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