Colorful and Bright New Powder Room

Colorful and Bright New Powder Room

This gorgeous new half bath was small and dreary before the remodel. After a sleek pedestal vanity was installed, not only did it open up the space and allow more room to move around, but it also gave the bathroom a new and modern look. The sink base is a chrome base with towel holders. Read more

Remodeling Progect – A Step Up

beige floor and wall bathroom tile, bathtub

Nothing says elegance better than marvelous bathroom tiles. A truly beautiful bathroom has both bathroom wall tile and floor tile. It this remodel the owners were looking for neutral shades of beige for the wall tile and a similar tile with contrasting brown mixed in. The brown in the beige really makes the floor stand out. Read more

Real Project – A Splendid Evening

What better way then to spend an evening relaxing after a stressful day at work then in your new luxurious master bathroom. That is all the owners of this house wanted. They were tired of coming home and not being able to truly enjoy the bathroom they had since it was small, cramped, dark and completely outdated; from tiles to the fixtures. One weekend they were tired of every thing and they called there contractor Dmitriy Guzheyedov to help them with there bathroom remodeling project.

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Bathroom Remodeling Project – Little touches can go a long way.

Little touches can go a long way. If you are looking to remodel a bathroom it is not always necessary to redo everything. Just changing a few standout pieces can make all the difference in a world. In this remodel the bathroom was good but nothing special. It had chrome accents just like most other bathrooms have. The dilemma was with this remodel was that there needed to be allot of change in the look for not allot of money. Read more