Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115Think outside of the box to get inside of the box. We decided to do a bathroom remodel using unique shapes and step outside of our traditional comfort zones. We considered triangles, ovals, squares, circles, leaves, and even a tear drop shaped bathroom vessel sink. While they all provided a unique twist and an interesting focal point to the bathroom space that was to be remodeled, one of our absolute favorites was this Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink. What makes this ceramic vessel sink different from the other square vessel sinks that we also reviewed during the same session was the unique bubble effect that it provides in the walls. Kraus gave this square vessel an interesting wall design by bubbling out the out wall area giving this sink an added effect and causing it to bring a tough of extra texture and interest to a space that its competitors in this review did not bring. Read more

Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink

Kraus Honey Onyx Stone SinkThere is almost no better way to bring luxury into your bathroom than to remodel the space utilizing the latest technology paired with traditional luxurious materials like natural stone. This over the top material gives you instant luxury and suggests wealth, and classic high end design. When you bring this fabulous element into your space you’ll find that the only thing missing is a steamy bubble bath, a fluffy white robe, and a pair of comfy, cushy slippers.

Stone provides not only a beautiful design element in your space, but the Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink also gives you quality and durability. Read more

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink Small ImageMany of our readers asked us to discuss remodeling a space with a stone sink. Kraus has consistently raised the bar in the kitchen and bath design industry. While we considered several of their stone sink designs, one of favorites had to be the Green Onyx Round Stone Sink. Green Onyx is a remarkable natural stone material that is unique in design to other natural rock formations. Green Onyx stone gives its viewers a tapestry of honey and cream colored backing with a hint of green. From this background various natural formations are scattered showing brown and dark green accents. There is no argument that Mother Nature was and is the supreme artist of our world. Krause uses this beautiful, naturally occurring design, and cuts the stone in a way that takes advantage of the design. The stone is cut into blocks and then formed into the popular round design. Kraus only works with the most talented artisans and stone carvers. Read more

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Small ImageOver the years we have seen the kitchen and bath industry take a spin on traditionally shaped features, and introduce some “unexpected” designs that play on other unexpected shape designs. For example, Kraus did this same thing when designing their Triangular Ceramic Sink. If you are considering a remodel to your bathroom space you will love working with the Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink.

This creative vessel sink, which is constructed using high quality ceramic, features an acute triangle design that instantly adds texture and contrast to your space. The ceramic is the finest available and Kraus uses this material because of it’s diversity in designing various shapes and sizes. Ceramic also provides the consumer with a perfect material for home use. Read more

Kraus Galaxy Fire Blue Glass Vessel Sink

Kraus Galaxy Fire Blue Glass Vessel Sink Small ImageWe have had several requests from our readers to include some words about bringing color into your remodeled spaces successfully. Color is (can be) a very powerful tool in creating a statement in a room. Unfortunately many homeowners don’t understand how to use color properly in their bathroom remodels. Color can either make or break a room. There is an abundance of colorful artistic pieces that you can introduce into your bathroom space, like the Kraus Galaxy Fire Blue Vessel Sink. Read more

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