Bathroom Floor Tile

The world of bathroom tile has endless possibilities.  Whether you are looking for a simple and stylish tile design or a complex mosaic pattern that takes center stage in your space, the sky is the limit, or rather – the floor is the limit.  While some shy away from the idea of installing their tiles in the space themselves, others are ambitious and jump in with out a blink.  Bathroom floor tile has been a popular material choice for bathroom floors for several reasons.  First of all, tile is very durable and can maintain its beauty over time with very little maintenance required.  While installing tile in your space, it is important to have a back up bathroom available.  Nothing can be worse than a few cups of coffee and no access to the only bathroom.

Peachy grey bathroom floor tile

Chose your bathroom tile based on the style and design in the space.  If you need help choosing what style you want this space to represent, you can view magazines and design sites.  Magazines are easy to find at libraries and major stores without purchase.  Home improvement stores can also offer advice and show you some of the latest in design trends for any type of style.  The most common style types are traditional, contemporary, modern, and art deco.

Mix of contemporary tiles with traditional floor patern

The basic logistics of installing tile flooring is fairly simple.  You will start with a demolition of the existing floor tile.  You can usually use a sledge hammer to loosen existing tiles and a shovel and/or other scraping mechanism.  Reduce the floor to a smooth, clean surface to ensure proper installation of the tiles.  When you have achieved a smooth floor surface you will apply a glue/mortar substance, quick set, to the back of the tile.  The tile can then be attached to the concrete floor.  Spacers can be used to ensure the proper spacing between each tile.  A square pattern is often the easier type to install.  However, do not limit yourself to this pattern.  Be creative and experiment with other designs.  It is often helpful to sketch out your tile patter on a sheet of paper.  If you can use an architectural scale and design a 1’ foot = ½” scale that is ideal.  Remember that if you have decided to use a square pattern align the first section of the tiles with the squarest wall.  Some designers also suggest that you start in the center of the room and work your way to the ends.

Finished bathroom – contemporary tile design

When you applied all of the tiles with the mortar/adhesive, and this step is fully dried, you can then proceed to the grouting process.  The grout color should work nicely with your selection of the tile.  Grout can be applied with a trowel.  You will want to use plenty of water when the time comes to clean up around the area.

Marble bathroom floor

Do not fear installing your own tile.  And certainly do not fear designing your own unique patterns and tile focal points.  Plenty of detailed information is available for tile installation that can be purchased or found online.  Enjoy this experience, as you will enjoy showing off the amazing work that you have done.

stone floor tile

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