Bathroom Wall Tile

bathroom wall tile with shadowTile is a versatile element to use in any space, and finds itself at home is almost any bathroom.  Tile can be used in almost any area of a space.  Tile can be found most commonly in wall treatments and flooring.  However, tile works especially well as countertop treatments, and can even be used in ceilings, window surrounds, and of course, often in shower surrounds.  The basic instillation of tile requires the tile, an adhesive for the tile, and grout. When you have a solid and clean space to work with you can begin to install the tiles one at a time.  Make sure that you use spacers on the wall to ensure the equal distance between each tile.  Common styles of wall tile applications include the simple and traditional square patterns, diagonal patterns, border designs, and a combination of any of these.  Remember that there is no limit to what you can do with tile on a wall.  Walls are often used in design to show off an element of and create a focal point.  In a bathroom space, wall tile can be used to create beautiful mosaics and awesome works of art.

Modern Ceramic Yellow and Orange Wall Tile with Green Moldings

After you have installed your bathroom tile and applied to the wall in your pattern or formation, let this completely dry.  It is recommended that you allow fort eight hours before moving on to the next step.  When you are ready to proceed with the grout, make sure that you first remove the spacers, if you used spacers and apply a generous amount of grout to each tile “ditch”.  A mistake that is common in installing your own wall tile is the lack of water used in the grout.  If you do not use enough water, you will find that the grout does not move down into the nooks of the tile.  After applying a generous amount of grout, use your trowel and a soft wet cloth to remove some of the grout to clean up and create a uniform and appealing look.

Combination of Classic Square Bathroom Wall Tile and Small Glass Tiles

Several tile materials can be used when designing your own wall tile feature.  While ceramic and porcelain are very popular, and have been for years and years, other options are now available to keep your space looking up to date and stylish.  Consider such materials as glass, and metal.  Glass tiles and metal tiles can add a level of contemporary and modern flair to the space.  Ceramic and porcelain along with slate and stone can be used in traditional or contemporary design.  Stainless steel and other metals add to a modern effect while leather is new to the market and adds a cozy and unique vibe.  Note however, that leather is not ideal to use is extreme wet areas.

Traditional Style Bathroom

Always think out your ideas with friends and family members.  Sometime saying an idea out loud helps you have a better understanding of it, and others around you can take the idea and expand it even farther.  Best of luck in your bathroom wall tile design, and remember that the key is functionality and fun.

Contemporary Light Bathroom wall Tile with Flower Pattern

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