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Dmitriy Guzheyedov - Remodeling ExpertDmitriy Guzheyedov has been in the remodeling business for almost two decades. He has worked on major projects all over the US including Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Alabama.

Dmitriy specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. He has worked on many commercial projects and has been involved in building and remodeling homes all over the country. Mr. Guzheyedov uses only the finest tools and the latest techniques to build and/or remodel each property. He prides himself in providing personalized services and is always ready to cater to his clients needs. Dmitriy’s job is not complete until the customer is completely satisfied with the finished product.

Simply put, Dmitriy Guzheyedov is an expert in building and remodeling homes. He specializes in the remodel of bathrooms and kitchens. With almost twenty years of experience, he has a lot of tips and suggestions to make each and every remodel a successful one.

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Phone: 646-573-1093

Below some samples of bathroom remodeling projects done by Dmitriy Guzheyedov.

Lavish and Chic Master Bath

gorgeous bathroom tiles
The gorgeous tiles in this bathroom are accentuated by various decorative tiles and the darker tiles and the dark countertops. The contrasted tiles really open up the space and make the entire bathroom look very luxurious. The contemporary oil rubbed bronze bathtub faucet accentuates the décor as well.
bathroom double vanity
The spacious double vanity is a wonderful addition to this master bath. It has plenty of storage space and is very unique. The matching oil rubbed bronze faucets and fixtures add flare to the space. Furthermore, the striking chandelier does not only match perfectly to all the fixtures but adds grandeur and style to the room as well.
fireplace positioned next to the bathtub
Nothing says luxury like the Roman pillars and a sleek fireplace positioned next to the bathtub. The gorgeous design of this master bath and the unique vanity and fixtures turn an otherwise ordinary bathroom in a luxurious spa-like haven.

Sleek and Trendy Shower

Sleek and Trendy Shower
This marvelous shower is spacious and practical. Moreover, the contemporary oil rubbed bronze shower set is only great to use but beautiful to look at. The matching door handle and shower fixtures really bring style to the entire bathroom. Furthermore, the mosaic tile on the shower floor really accentuates the space.

Contemporary Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Contemporary Newly Remodeled Bathroom
The gorgeous tile is accentuated very well by the oil rubbed bronze shower fixtures. It brings contrast and a unique look to the entire bathroom. This bathroom is a perfect example of how a simple uplift can change the entire bathroom décor.

Elegant and Classy Bathroom

luxurious tub
Nothing says elegance better than these marvelous tiles. As you take the two steps up into the splendidly luxurious tub, you will feel like royalty. The matching counter top fits in perfectly with the tile, giving the bathroom a unified feel. The neutral color of the floor tile and the tile on the wall give the bathroom a warm and cozy feel. This color is easily accentuated by other colors giving the bathroom a variety of looks.
glass doors on the shower
The glass doors on the shower give the bathroom and open feel.  As the rain shower mists over you, you will feel like you are standing under a waterfall in the rain forest. There is a hand held shower that can be used in addition to the chrome rain showerhead. The built in shelf is the perfect place to keep your toiletries with out clutter and with class.

Sunny Morning Shower

small mosaic tiles
What better way to brighten up a bathroom then with colorful tiles. These interchanges of small mosaic tiles give this small bathroom a ray of life with the orange/ red stripe on the right hand side. As you relax in the spa tub you can take in all the beauty around you. The chrome faucet matches perfectly with the modern feel.

Colorful and Bright New Powder Room

Colorful and Bright New Powder Room
This gorgeous new half bath was small and dreary before the remodel. After a sleek pedestal vanity was installed, not only did it open up the space and allow more room to move around, but it also gave the bathroom a new and modern look. Furthermore, the beautiful beige tiles were accentuated with just a few striking green tiles. The remodel was inexpensive and only took a few days but the results were amazing!

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