Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink Small ImageMany of our readers asked us to discuss remodeling a space with a stone sink. Kraus has consistently raised the bar in the kitchen and bath design industry. While we considered several of their stone sink designs, one of favorites had to be the Green Onyx Round Stone Sink. Green Onyx is a remarkable natural stone material that is unique in design to other natural rock formations. Green Onyx stone gives its viewers a tapestry of honey and cream colored backing with a hint of green. From this background various natural formations are scattered showing brown and dark green accents. There is no argument that Mother Nature was and is the supreme artist of our world. Krause uses this beautiful, naturally occurring design, and cuts the stone in a way that takes advantage of the design. The stone is cut into blocks and then formed into the popular round design. Kraus only works with the most talented artisans and stone carvers. When the final sink is formed a generous coating of polish is applied to the product to give you the sleek finished look that brings out the wonderful colors of the stone.

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink Large Image Side View

One reason we find Kraus to offer one of the best choices in natural stone vessel sinks for your remodeling project is their high quality design at an affordable and respectable price point. Kraus does a wonderful job in providing their clients and end consumers with a top of the line high end product, at a fair price that allows not just designers, but homeowners like you and I, to bring these fabulous stone pieces of art into our homes. While the Green Onyx Round Stone Sink is no doubt a beautiful feature, homeowners soon to remodel should not be only concerned with beauty, but also quality and durability.

Kraus Green Onyx Round Stone Sink and Kraus Vessel Sink Faucet Top View

Fortunately stone has an incredible reputation for quality and durability. If you are looking to bring a product into your home that will last you a lifetime, stone is a number one choice to bring to your remodeling project. Keep in mind that stone is a heavy material and you should ensure that your vanity area is suited for this weight before you install it. The stone vessel is only to be installed above the counter.

Green Onyx Stone Sink

Maintaining your new Kraus stone vessel sink is relatively simple and can be gently cleaned with warm water or with stone cleaning solutions. We have also considered several of the Kraus vessel faucets that would pair wonderfully with the Green Onyx Round Stone Sink for this bathroom remodel. Kraus was able to assist us with choosing the perfect vessel sink for this project.

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