Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink

Kraus Honey Onyx Stone SinkThere is almost no better way to bring luxury into your bathroom than to remodel the space utilizing the latest technology paired with traditional luxurious materials like natural stone. This over the top material gives you instant luxury and suggests wealth, and classic high end design. When you bring this fabulous element into your space you’ll find that the only thing missing is a steamy bubble bath, a fluffy white robe, and a pair of comfy, cushy slippers.

Stone provides not only a beautiful design element in your space, but the Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink also gives you quality and durability. Just flip over the history channel a couple of times and you will see sites all over the world that are still standing that have been dated back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Stone has been found still standing and still magnificent at such sites as Stonehenge where the brilliant oversized rock is still visited by thousands of tourists’ a week, and several sites throughout England and Greece. The fact remains; stone is a high quality material that will last you a lifetime, making it the ideal investment to consider for your bathroom remodel project.

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While we all look for a durable and sustainable products to bring into our homes, lest we forget that visual appeal is just as important. No one wants to spend their time and effort and money remodeling a space with a functional sink that is unattractive. Kraus certainly hits the mark with their selection of Honey Onyx. This beautiful stone is breathtaking. It combines white Onyx with naturally design swirls of Honey Onyx. This tapestry of calming colors combines with the texture of the natural stone to you a serene and relaxing element to bring into your space.

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Bringing such a remarkable work of art as the Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink into your bathroom remodeling project will bring instant warmth, color, and design. You’ll find yourself peering into the room at various points of the day simply to look at your new favorite vessel sink.

Keep in mind during your remodel that stone, unlike some other options that you may have considered for your remodel, is extremely heavy and you should always have an extra person or two available for lifting and moving the natural stone sink. Your remodel is well on its way the minute this fabulous natural work of art arrives at your door. We’ll guarantee that they day it arrives, you won’t be able to wait another minutes to get this remodel going!

Kraus Honey Onyx Stone Sink and Kraus Vessel Sink Faucet Chrome

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