Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Small ImageOver the years we have seen the kitchen and bath industry take a spin on traditionally shaped features, and introduce some “unexpected” designs that play on other unexpected shape designs. For example, Kraus did this same thing when designing their Triangular Ceramic Sink. If you are considering a remodel to your bathroom space you will love working with the Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink.

This creative vessel sink, which is constructed using high quality ceramic, features an acute triangle design that instantly adds texture and contrast to your space. The ceramic is the finest available and Kraus uses this material because of it’s diversity in designing various shapes and sizes. Ceramic also provides the consumer with a perfect material for home use. Even in high traffic areas like a master bath, guest bath, or children’s bath, this material will not stain, fade, or ever discolor. This makes it a perfect investment for any family of any size. During your bathroom remodeling you will find that ceramic is the ideal material to work with as it is fairly light and easy to move around and install.

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 and Vessel Sink Faucet

Installing this one of a kind and unique piece during your remodel requires only the basic of knowledge and makes an ideal weekend project that can instantly transform your space. Because the Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink mounts above the countertop, there is not major shape cutting, unlike drop in sinks. The only cutting required for this great vessel is the drainage hole which can usually be done with the appropriately sized drill bit. Having reviewed Kraus for several years we have seen several of our readers become satisfied customers. The Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink also includes a one year manufacturers warranty at the retail price.

Kraus also offers several options for fabulous vessel faucets. The design team at Kraus keeps the entire design concept in mind. This team of talented artists has designs products for Kraus ranging from vessel sinks, to vessel faucets, to vanity cabinets and mirror. So it should come as no surprise that Kraus can offer every product to enhance the beauty of your Triangular Ceramic Sink. Try pairing this contemporary sink with a complimenting contemporary faucet, or try contrasting it with a more traditional faucet that will allow for instant interest. No matter how you pair items, one this is for certain: this remodel will be one that you are thankful you engaged in year after year.

Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Dimensions

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