Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115Think outside of the box to get inside of the box. We decided to do a bathroom remodel using unique shapes and step outside of our traditional comfort zones. We considered triangles, ovals, squares, circles, leaves, and even a tear drop shaped bathroom vessel sink. While they all provided a unique twist and an interesting focal point to the bathroom space that was to be remodeled, one of our absolute favorites was this Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink. What makes this ceramic vessel sink different from the other square vessel sinks that we also reviewed during the same session was the unique bubble effect that it provides in the walls. Kraus gave this square vessel an interesting wall design by bubbling out the out wall area giving this sink an added effect and causing it to bring a tough of extra texture and interest to a space that its competitors in this review did not bring.

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115 Large Image Top Front View

A great thing about the Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink is its versatility in any said space design. If your space is already designed with a contemporary influence you will find the square design and the creative bubble effect to work perfectly in your space. As equally true, if your space leans more to the traditional of conservative side, the classic white color and traditional ceramic material make it feel right at home in your space as well. With each situation, this square vessel sink provides the perfect amount of contrast to keep your space interesting. In our case, we remodeled the space and were able to use this fantastic Kraus sink as the inspiration for the rest of the design.

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink and Kraus Bamboo Faucet Chrome

We also tested several Kraus vessel faucets with this sink and it looked so wonderful with most of those that we tested, we couldn’t choose a favorite. Kraus, however, was also the manufacturer of all of the faucets that we tried. Kraus offers several selections to pair with this sink that allow you to keep you your current space design, both contemporary and traditional.

Kraus Square Ceramic Sink and Kraus Aldo Single Hole Faucet Side View

Our bathroom remodeling turned out to be quite the success story. By choosing to work with Kraus for both the vessel sink mentioned above, and for our vanity and faucet, we were able to complete our cosmetic remodel in just a few days. Just remember when you are remodeling your bathroom space that the ingredients you add, should contribute to a taste that YOU like.

Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115 45 Degree Side View

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