Kraus Sinks

If you are looking for a sink for your bathroom a vessel sink can give your bathroom a whole new look. These sinks sit on top of the counter rather then underneath like a traditional under mount sink. They can be found in a number of materials and finishes. One of the companies to consider is KRAUS. This company that has been manufacturing bathroom products since 2004 carries three distinct product lines for bathroom sinks: Glass sinks, Stone sinks, and Ceramic sinks. There are many styles to choose from within each category. No matter what feel you are going for, they should have what you are looking for.

Kraus Ceramic Sinks

kraus ceramic sinkThese Kraus Ceramic Sinks are the new “it” sinks. They are made out of the same durable ceramic material that the under mount sink were made out of but now in a whole new look. They can be round or square, tall or short, it is really up to you and your style. They all come in a classic white color.


Kraus Glass Sinks

kraus glass sinkKraus Glass Vessel Sinks are a beautiful choice. They are made from tempered glass so you never have to worry about it with children in the house. They can be single tone glass or with colorful images heat pressed to the outside. They come in smooth finishes but come in different molded or craved designs as well.  They are durable and practical. Most of the standard glass vessel sinks come in 17 inches but you will also be able to find a smaller 14 inch size.
Kraus also carries rectangle glass sinks these contemporary sinks are stunning. They come in beautiful colors and can be matched with the same design waterfall faucet.

Kraus Stone Sinks

kraus stone sinkWhat better way then to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom then with a stone sink. KRAUS carries many types of stone sinks. They have standard round vessel sinks but they also have untraditional ones. The stone is made smooth on the inside and can be smooth or unfinished on the outside. The type of stone also vary, they carry anything from onyx to marble to granite.

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There are many selections you can choose from for your new sink. Take some time to think over what best fits the look you are going for in your bathroom. No matter what sink you choose, make sure you are placing it on a flat surface and have enough space available. The wholes that are drilled for the sink and the faucet are specific to the sink and faucet that are order, so it is always advised to double check that when purchasing sinks and counter.

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