Kraus Ceramic Sinks

Kraus ceramic sinks are a great addition to the bathroom. If you are looking for a classic sink look but with a modern twist these are perfect for you. As you can see Kraus offers many different styles to choose from. There are oval ceramic sinks and square ceramic sinks there are even triangle ceramic sinks. These triangle sinks are perfect for corners and small spaces. These sinks are very durable and will be a great addition to your bathroom.

Kraus Ceramic Sink Collection

Kraus White Round Ceramic Sink KCV-141 Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115 
Kraus White Round Ceramic Sink KCV-141 Kraus Triangular Ceramic Sink KCS-10 Kraus White Square Ceramic Sink KCV-115

When choosing a ceramic sink look at the shape that fits the ambiance of your bathroom. Make sure to measure the counter and the wholes that are being drilled in it. Look at the faucet that you are pairing the sink with it can give you very different look. A more dramatic look can be achieved with a dark faucet and dark counters, or a subtle look if paired with a chrome faucet.

Ceramic sinks are very easy to clean and easy to manage. They brighten up your whole bathroom.

Kraus Ceramic Sinks Care and Maintenance

Kraus ceramic sinks are constructed from the highest quality ceramic material, and are extremely durable and resistant. However, despite the durability and strength of their sinks, they may still be damaged if proper measures are not taken in its care and maintenance.

If you wish to preserve the luster’s look of you ceramic sink, simple daily maintenance is the key to keep your sink in its original condition. First clean your sink after each use with a soapy sponge, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then dry it with a towel or a dry cloth. This will eliminate water spots and streaks.

Even if you take good care of your sink you may begin to notice stains on your sink over time. They are most often caused by various minerals contained in your water supply. These mineral deposits settle in the surface of the vessel and may cause to stain the surface of your sink. In order to eliminate stain spots, use a non-abrasive or mild-abrasive cleaner. Try to avoid prolonged sink contact with products containing high concentrations of acids, dishwashing detergents, or bleaches containing chlorine. These products may stain the surface of the sink. Rinse thoroughly if these products do come in contact with the sink surface and dry it with a towel or a soft cloth. Remember not to apply force while cleaning your sink. Do not scrub the vessel, as you may scratch the surface of the sink. When finished, rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a towel or a soft cloth.

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