Bathroom Faucets

contemporary bathroom faucetThere is no question that a bathroom is not complete without having a bathroom faucet installed. The choices for today’s bathroom faucet are varied and nearly endless. No matter what material or style you like, no matter what your budget may be, there is a faucet out there for you – if there’s a problem there, it’s just deciding which one is the right one for you! Before you go randomly choosing a new faucet for your bathroom, it is better to be armed with some knowledge about what’s out there so you can make the best choice for your home and your family.

The first thing to consider is construction. The most inexpensive faucets out there may LOOK like metal, but they might actually be made of plastic, which will save you money on the purchase day, but won’t last for as long as you want, thereby costing you more money in the future. Instead, look for a solid brass faucet. Solid brass faucets are always going to be labeled as such so you know what you are getting, and that solid brass faucet will very likely last you a lifetime, making its higher price tag more than worth it in the long run.

solid brass modern bathroom faucet

These solid brass faucets are available in so many different designs and styles, you will find one that suits your tastes perfectly. They are particularly useful for those of us that live in areas that have hard water, also, because hard water will corrode lesser metals and send you back out to the hardware store for a new tap after a while. Solid brass resists that corrosion, and if you choose one with a finish that resists oxidation, then you will have a faucet that stays shiny for years without you having to polish it constantly to keep the shine going.

Stylish Waterfall Faucet and Under Mount Bathroom Ceramic Sink

You will also find that today’s faucets come in several different handle styles. Single lever faucets that operate both the hot and cold water with just one lever are a popular choice for homeowners everywhere, because they offer you several benefits. They are easy to operate with one hand, which is good for busy people, disabled people, and the elderly, and it’s harder for children to accidentally become scalded by the hot water because the faucet’s handle is usually left in the “warm” position by its last user.

3 pieces Bath Tub or Deck Mounted Bamboo Antique Gold Faucet

With the growing popularity of vessel sinks, faucets created specifically to work with them can be found everywhere. Vessel sink faucets strike an elegant pose in your bathroom, and come in an array of different styles. For a spa-like atmosphere, try a waterfall vessel sink faucet – these are often made with glass disks that the water flows over to create, you guessed it, the appearance of a small waterfall right there in your sink.

1 Handle Vessel Sink Bathroom Faucet

Some bathroom faucets also bring in elements of the kitchen, such as in the case of faucets with spray nozzles. In the kitchen, you’d use a faucet like that to clean dishes or wash vegetables, but when you bring in one specifically designed for the bathroom, you will find many different uses for it, whether it’s to wash a small child’s hair or water the plants.

2 Handle Faucet

When choosing a bathroom faucet for your next bathroom remodeling project, the most important things to keep in mind are durability and what you want to look at in your bathroom. Choose a bathroom faucet that you find beautiful, and make sure it is one that is built to last, and you will have a winning piece on your hands for many years to come.

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