Bathroom Sinks

bathroom glass vessel sinkSo, you’re planning to remodel the bathroom, and you know you need a new sink, but what kind of sink should you choose? A great sink can make all the difference in a bathroom. It is going to get constant use and it is going to be one of the focal points in the room, design wise, so it is important to choose a sink that is both durable and beautiful.

There is a wide variety of different styles and types of sinks available to you on the market today, from the tried and true traditional styles to stand-out modern designs. The one that is the right fit for your bathroom will depend on your needs, as well as how much space you have to work with and what style of décor you are shooting for.

Modern Rectangle Ceramic Sink and Wall Mount Waterfall Faucet

One of the most common sink types out there is the classic undermount or under counter sink. They are easy to take care of and to clean because there is no portion of the sink rising above or below the counter top that will catch any soap scum or debris, allowing you to easily wipe it down and be done. With a sink like this, the faucet will be installed or mounted directly onto the counter top, and that gives you a pretty wide playing field in terms of faucet styles to work with.

Wooden Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Pedestal sinks are another popular type, because they are a design that gives off a sophisticated feeling, and are perfect for creating a rich and elegant look in your bathroom. They can be very compact in size and do not feature any counter space, which makes them ideal for smaller bathroom areas, but the downfall there is that they do not usually have an attached cabinet or cupboard that you can use for storage.

Round Stone Sink

The vessel sink is a bathroom sink trend that is on the rise, and for good reason. A vessel sink is basically a bowl that is installed on the top of the bathroom’s counter space. These sinks can be made of glass, various metals like copper, various types of stone like marble, and more. You can use a vessel sink in any bathroom décor, really, and the different types of faucets that are designed to work with them make a stunning combination. Try a clear glass vessel sink with a waterfall faucet featuring a bright triple plated mirror chrome finish for a stunningly modern look, or pair a neutral toned marble vessel sink with an oil rubbed bronze faucet for a warm and elegant style statement. Installing a vessel sink in the bathroom is a surefire way to draw tons of compliments and comments from everyone that sees it, and can be either the focal point of your bathroom’s design or be integrated to accentuate the existing décor and ramp up the style factor.

Oval bathroom Sink

Durability and the quality of construction are as equally (if not more) important as how the sink looks in your bathroom space, so choose one that is built to last, even if it means it costs a little more on the purchase day. Opting for a less expensive sink at the outset might sound like a good idea at the time, but you’ll be kicking yourself later when you have to replace it a year or two down the road because it cracked, corroded, or otherwise gave up the ghost on you well before you were ready to replace it on your own. Choose a bathroom sink with an eye on both quality and style, and you will have a bathroom you can enjoy for a long, long time.

Glass Vessel Sink

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