Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom VanityA great bathroom vanity is always the focal point of a bathroom and will really be a functional asset to you and your family, as well. Bathroom vanities are an all in one sink and storage facility, and can often include a mirror and medicine cabinet, too, if you so desire. They come in every design and style imaginable, as well as in all different sizes, so you will be more than able to find one that perfectly suits the needs of you, your family, and your home.

Bathroom vanity styles run the gamut from small and sleek to huge and elaborate. Obviously, if you have a small bathroom, then that huge and elaborate vanity isn’t going to work. A smaller vanity, on the other hand, is the best way to make the most of the space you do have, though. Bathroom floor space is often a hot commodity in any home, so finding a way to free up more of it is always a goal. Since a vanity inherently includes a cabinet or cupboard, you will have a built in storage solution that you can use to stow away towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies or whatever else you want to put away.

Kraus Moselle Wall Mount Contemporary Small Bathroom Vanity

Another option for those of us with limited floor space in the bathroom is the corner vanity. Vanities specially designed to fit in the corner of the room will help you maximize your available space. You can take things a step further with choosing a vanity that comes with a mirror. Mirrors won’t do anything to physically increase floor space, of course, but they do help create the optical illusion that your bathroom is larger than it actually is, making things feel more airy and spacious.

DreamLine Modern Glass Wall-Mount Corner Vanity with Faucet and Glass Bowl

If space is not an issue (you lucky person, you), then you can go for those more elaborate vanity designs. Perhaps you want a large vanity with two sinks to create a his and hers master bath area. That large vanity will have a ton of storage space, which is obviously ideal. One great idea is to choose a his and hers vanity and install two vessel sinks with complementary chrome waterfall faucets for a modern look.

Antoria Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Regardless of vanity size, you have the option of wall mounted vanities and free standing vanities. That is usually a matter of personal preference, so choose the one you like best. One of the more popular wall mounted designs are the vanities that appear to “float” above the floor. These bathroom vanities are hung on the wall some distance from the floor, leaving the area underneath open. They can feature cabinet space or not, depending on the one you choose, though if you do go for one with a cabinet or drawer, it is not as likely to have as much storage room as a vanity that rests on the floor will have.

Danze Orrington Freestanding Antique Cherry Traditional Vanity with Optional Mirror

When choosing a vanity for your bathroom, make sure to take everything into account so you end up with a piece you are truly happy with and will enjoy using for years to come. Make sure its construction is high quality so it lasts, make sure its design is one you find beautiful and appealing, and most of all, make sure the overall piece is one that reflects your personal style and taste.

Carla Modern Glass Vanity

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