Real Project – A Splendid Evening

What better way then to spend an evening relaxing after a stressful day at work then in your new luxurious master bathroom. That is all the owners of this house wanted. They were tired of coming home and not being able to truly enjoy the bathroom they had since it was small, cramped, dark and completely outdated; from tiles to the fixtures. One weekend they were tired of every thing and they called there contractor Dmitriy Guzheyedov to help them with there bathroom remodeling project.

They had a vision of full comfort. They wanted to lie in a bathtub over looking there garden with a warm fireplace blazing in front. They wanted soft neutral colors with strong dark contrasted accents. It was also important that they had two sinks. One for him and one for her so they would not have to share one in the morning as they rushed to work. The overall look that they were going for is a Romanesque look, marble columns and all. Dmitriy took there vision and made it into reality.

The bathroom small window was replaced with large bay panel window with half round arch window on top; two columns in the frame of the window were put in place to tie the room look together. This window gave the bathroom an open feel. Now they could feel like they were truly in nature while enjoying the large Jacuzzi type tub. The two columns on both sides of the tub are great accents in a light marble that matches the wall and floor tile.

bathroom small window replaced with large bay panel window

The bathroom tile chosen for this remodel was a soft beige marble with pink hues for the floor and the wall. The counter for the sink, vanity table the bathtub surrounding was done in a contrasting tile in a brown marble. The two columns on both sides of the tub are great accents in a light marble that matches the wall and floor tile. The accent boarder is done in a mix of both the colors that are used in the bathroom. It is a beige background with a brown oval with a square interchange design. This border ties the two tiles together.The same boarder accent can be seen in the floor. To achieve this tile was cut up into half and laid in between the floor tile.

To accentuate the bathroom the all the hardware was done in a black color finish. This finish is called oil rubbed bronze. This can be seen on the two under mount sink faucets, the bathroom faucet, all the cabinetry handles and the fireplace. It is always a good idea to match the finish of these things. This was everything in the bathroom looks unified. The fire place that was chosen for the bathroom is situating right in the wall. It does not stand out and overpower the rest of the bathroom but provides the bather with warmth, relaxation and ascetically pleasing center point. To tie in the fireplace it was accented with the same brown marble as the countertops.

bathroom fire place

This remodel called for a large vanity counter that would fit two sinks. They decided to go with under mount sinks that are built right into the counter rather then vessel sinks that sit on top. The bathroom vanity that was chosen is in a off white color with shelf underneath the two sinks and addition shelving separating the two mirrors. There is also pull out drawers for addition storage. It is always a good idea to have an ample amount for storage in a bathroom to keep all the toiletries and prevent the bathroom from looking cluttered. The hardware on the vanity matches perfectly with the oil rubbed bronze facets and the towel rings.

double sink bathroom vanity

The Lamp that was chosen to match this bathroom remodel was a simple candle type chandelier. This is a very practical lighting fixture since it has the candle feel but it is modern light bulbs. This six candle fixture has a oil rubbed bronze metal frame outlined with a delicate crystal thread that hangs loosely between each of the candles.

The bathroom would not be complete with out the spacious glass shower. This is a great addition to the bathroom since the glass does not overpower the already strong influence of the Romanesque style in the bathroom. As you can see the boarder continues through tout the whole bathroom and in the shower cabinetry as well. Same goes for all the fixtures in the shower. They are all robbed bronze in a sleek yet ornate design. The rain fall shower on top of the shower cabin and a hand held shower that is built into the wall look extremely stylish and are more art pieces then bathroom fixtures.

spacious glass shower

The shower is big enough that you have room to put in a bench for if you just want to sit back and just enjoy the steam from the shower. It is done in the same tile as the rest of the bathroom with being, pinks and browns.

To ventilate the shower that is glass from floor to ceiling there is a side panel that turns, that way there is less build up of steam on the window.

After the bathroom remodeling was complete the owners of the house could not be happier they got everything they were looking for. They got class and style, and most importantly a sanctuary that they can relax in after a long day.

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