Remodeling Progect – A Step Up

beige floor and wall bathroom tile, bathtub

Nothing says elegance better than marvelous bathroom tiles. A truly beautiful bathroom has both bathroom wall tile and floor tile. It this remodel the owners were looking for neutral shades of beige for the wall tile and a similar tile with contrasting brown mixed in. The brown in the beige really makes the floor stand out. The neutral color of the bathroom floor tile and the wall tile give the room a warm and cozy feel. This color is easily accentuated by other colors giving the bathroom a variety of looks.

The tub looks truly grand as it is accented buy the steps leading into it. You will feel like royalty as you take the two steps in feeling the smooth tile under your legs.

The matching counter top in a soft sand color fits in perfectly with the tile, giving the bathroom a unified feel.

glass shower door and rain shower head

The glass doors on the shower give the bathroom and open feel.  As the rain shower mists over you, you will feel like you are standing under a waterfall in the rain forest. There is a hand held shower that can be used in addition to the chrome rain showerhead. All the bathroom fixtures in the bathroom are chrome as to unify the bathroom. As you can see in the first picture the waist basket is in chrome to match.

The built in shelf is the perfect place to keep your toiletries with out clutter and with class.

A good idea in the bathroom is to have recessed lighting. Since it is a difficult task to find a light fixture for the bathroom if you do not want it to go on the wall this is a great alternative. These spot light give the bathroom a sleek look with ample lighting.

matching bathroom accessories

To bring in color into the room there is a border built into the bathroom wall tile. It is a Siena color wave that matches the brown, beige and sienna color bathroom floor tile in the shower cabinet.

You can always bring more color into the bathroom remodeling project with accessories in this case the home owners decided to do that with towels in the matching color of the border.

Project Done by Dmitriy Guzheyedov

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